Team Jollywise recently packed their belongings into red polka-dot knapsacks and headed across Brighton (read: a ten-minute walk away) to set up camp in a bigger, brighter office.

Now that we’re all settled in, we wanted to share how we went about creating an office space that better matched our needs as a creative agency.

Collaborative process

From day one, putting together this new workspace has been an effort of collaboration. Everyone in the team was invited to contribute ideas and opinions, which with the help of Pinterest group boards and Doodle polls required minimal effort. It makes sense: if we spend about a third of our lives at work, we should have some say in the environments we work in.

Drawing the line between work and play

When looking at office layout plans, we were keen to prioritise setting up distinct spaces for work time and leisure time. Gone are the days of sad desk lunches; our office now includes a proper breakout area, perfect for the occasional Friday beer o’clock table tennis tournament.

Creative hot-desks


In a similar vein, we wanted to make it possible for anyone to get away from their desk and work in a different environment for a few hours – whether that’s to get more space for some physical creative work, or even just get some peace to knuckle down on a project. Stepping away from your desk can be a great way to trigger a fresh perspective or overcome a creative block.

A supportive environment

Sit/stand desks were unanimously voted into the new workspace, so along with a set of new ergonomic chairs we’ve got posture support pretty much covered. Physical health, mental wellbeing, and productivity are all so inextricably linked, so this was another great way we could cater towards a healthier, happier office.

Bringing the outside in

There are so many benefits to so-called ‘biophilic design’ in the workplace (including increased happiness and productivity??) so it’s no surprise that greenery was another highly requested addition to the new office. We now have a whole family of office plants, from tiny cacti to towering peace lilies, breathing oxygen into our little habitat.

Despite the challenges that relocating as a busy team poses, this was a great opportunity for us to consider the components of an ideal working environment, from fuelling creativity and productivity to maintaining good, positive energy. We’re really pleased with the developments we’ve made, and excited to see what this new chapter has in store!

For all the wonderful people that we work with, our updated contact details (address and telephone number) can be found over on our contact page

Posted July 10th 2018
Steph Rathbone
Steph is Jollywise's Content Executive and resident bookworm.