What can we expect from the kids’ entertainment space in 2017?

Posted January 16th 2017 We examine some of the things that we expect to see more specifically in the kids’ entertainment space this year.

Jollywise Roundup 2016

Posted December 19th 2016 It's been a fantastic year for team Jollywise!

Augmented Reality: The Social Experience of the Future

Posted December 9th 2016 Augmented reality is working its way into the mainstream - and you might not even have noticed.

What Jollywisers are Reading Right Now

Posted October 28th 2016 Which books do the Jollywise team have their noses in?

The bots are coming

Posted September 27th 2016 What are bots and what are they used for?

Jollywise celebrates 10 Years

Posted July 20th 2016 Thank you for attending the Jollywise 10 year birthday party!

How to Survive a Nuclear Bomb

Posted January 28th 2016 We had a new platform, but an old story to tell.

Meet Symas the Monkey

Posted February 3rd 2016 We love to do stuff that makes us feel good. So last year we embarked on a personal project. Symas the Monkey was born.

Jolly Good Fun

Posted October 12th 2015 How to create an HTML5 game with 22 children in 3 hours

Nick Jr. Leap

Posted November 27th 2015 Made with teachers for parents.

Feel Better With Film

Posted July 14th 2015 We've been working for the last year with MEDI CINEMA a fantastic charity, who are bringing the magic of Cinema into hospitals all over the country.

Beyond Digital

Posted July 6th 2015 We're slowly becoming experts in a growing trend. Non coded content.